Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was showing a visitor around my studio - he had just purchased one of my Milagro photos.   He saw this photo on my wall -  "I have to have that one."  he said and pointed to a framed copy of - Sara - With Bennett's Tumbleweed"

I suggested I would print one right away if he could you wait.   "Print it."  he said.

I told him there was a story behind this print.   Some time ago my partner, Sue Bennett, decided she wanted to do a photo of a model with a tumbleweed so one day we went out into the desert north of Flagstaff and found the perfect tumble weed.  Sue kept it in her studio for years - never made her photo.  One time I asked her if I could borrow it - she didn't say no,  but more important she never said,  "Yes."   Sue was killed in an automobile accident over 5 years ago - the tumbleweed still  hung in her studio I borrowed it - took it to my studio and made this photo for Sue.  An homage.

And as a note - I attribute much of the success of this photo to my wonderful creative model Sara - 


Jane Benally

     Big Mountain is not really very big.   But it is important.   Big  Mountain is 
on the Western side of the sprawling Navajo Reservation  - here in 
Northern Arizona.   I made these photos in 1978 while working on a series of 
photographs to bring attention to a group of traditional Navajo People who 
were being forced off their land.   We made a book - "Endangered Dine".
 Dine is the name the avajo call themselves - it means "The People".

Joe Benally

Daniel Ashkie


Now after 30 years I have decided to re-introduce the Big Mountain - Navajo
 series and wanted to do something different with the presentation.   
I have been pondering and experimenting for over a month - and 
yesterday came up with this Idea - and after some more experimenting 
and some adjustment like it.  There will be more tan 20 photos
in the series - and i will exhibit them next month.

Ashkie Bitsie

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Milagro Series


Milagro, means miracle.

A milagro is a little Charm used to help fulfill a vow to a saint or the 
Blessed Virgin Mary for their intercession to God for a request or a favor 
like a saved marriage, a child restored to good health, an 
economic gain or a catastrophe averted. Milagros as used in
Latin America and Mexico have roots in Pre-Columbian
 America and Europe.

The photographs in this series delve into the ambiguous boundary between 
natural and supernatural.

Bernadette Chavez , my model and I made these photos about 14 years ago 
when we worked for a couple hours two or three times a month.

Most of these photos were made with an old 4 x 5 press camera on sepia
 Polaroid film.   By using photoshop and layers I added the photos to 
scans I made of old ambrotype cases.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Four Other Favorites

Here are four other favorite models.   I am fortunate to be able to work with
  these awesome women.  They grace my studio. my camera,  
my eyes and hopefully your eyes.

You can find them on my website


Ida Mae


Erin P

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Are you familiar with the site Michell7?  Go to   If you haven't you would do well to check it out.   It is a pay-site dedicated to the photographers and models of the nude.   It is updated monthly and features the work of a divers group of photographers.   You can submit your work to the sites owner, editor and curator Jack Gilbert.  

I am posting some of my work currently featured on Michelle7.   Natalia and Kaylee at play here in the studio.  I love their creative interaction.  I love that I have the chance to work with them.  I love my job.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I always prefer to work with a few models often rather than a lot of models just once or twice.   From time to time I will post photos of some of my favorite models from over my years of photographing models for my website Album Erotica.    Here you will see Tangent, Kaylee, Joceline, and Brandi.   Each has her own look and style, which determines the way I work with them and the way the photographs look.

Here is one of my beliefs about being a photographer.   Photography is an act of submission.  I submit to my models, when I photograph a landscape - I submit.   When photograph a flower - I submit.   When I make a portrait - I submit.


Friday, October 31, 2008


NATALIA - MUSE is a 228 page book celebrating three years of creative collaboration between photographer John Running and model Natalia Faina.  You will delight to over 200 photos edited into a compelling sequence.

The photos are strong, sensual, and erotic.  The book is a celebration of the three years of creative interaction between model and photographer as they muse each other.